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Lessons Learned


I think the bigger question, however—one we at Summer’s Eve learned the hard way—is whether we, as brand managers, are really hearing our consumers. Forget the risk, forget “turning the Titanic.” At the end of the day are we really moving the needle on our businesses and creating lasting relationships with our consumers?
Since this past September, we asked ourselves just that, and embarked on a multimarket listening tour. Our intention was to leave behind any historical approaches and preconceived notions and really listen—to gain insight into women’s understanding of the role hygiene plays in their lives, both practically and emotionally.
We talked to hundreds of women through focus groups and conversations across the United States, and in the process, learned a lot about women’s needs—and about ourselves as brand managers.
Our goal was to reset and recharge our brand communication. Today, we’re refreshing our campaign with a more modern look and feel. And only a few months from now in July, we’ll build on that refresh to launch a completely new brand voice. Our consumers will have to tell us what they think.
Either way, every step Summer’s Eve takes going forward will be consumer driven. We’ve committed to walking in lockstep with the people that use our products and could be using our products—to listen and to take risks if that’s what it takes to cut through the industry clutter.

Angela Bryant is senior brand manager at Summer’s Eve. She can be reached at