Fisher-Price's Diaper Line Positioned Near the Bottom


Fisher-Price is playing in a new segment: diapers.

The Mattel unit rolled out its Happy Days & Nights line last September at Babies 'R Us and Toys 'R Us, and now it will expand distribution to Kroger next month. The diapers are positioned between private label and national diaper brands, said Mark Weppner, consumer products director at Fisher-Price. The toy maker teamed up with AHP, a Duluth, Ga., firm that is the nation’s largest maker of private label diapers.

Ads, created in-house, tout the line as “premium protection without the premium price.” The premium claim is bolstered by features like a “Size Right” color-coded diaper fitting panel (green for just right, red for too tight and yellow for too big) and the inclusion of both day and nighttime diapers in one package—both industry firsts, Weppner said.

The latter addresses diaper needs throughout the day. In the daytime, diapers are changed often, but at night, moms seek “extra wetness protection,” he said. “Moms can have that best experience in the night and not have to wake up in the morning and deal with wet sheets, new clothing and a bath.”

Fisher-Price is supporting the launch via blogger outreach. It’s also running digital ads and advertorial in custom publications like Playing With Your Baby and Loving Your Grandbaby, freestanding magazines published via a partnership with Meredith-owned American Baby, and distributed in hospitals and OB/GYN offices. The launch, though, comes as the U.S. birthrate has leveled off from its 2007 high of 4,317,119—per industry journal Pediatrics—as families delay starting or growing their families in an economic downturn.

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