Cannes 2012: Work to Watch

'Adweek' and Leo Burnett pick favorites to win Lions at this year's festival
About the Author

Tim Nudd is creative editor at Adweek.

Future-Facing Techniques5

• Austria Solar, 'Solar Annual Report'
Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany

The medium embodied the message in Austria Solar's annual report printed in text and graphics invisible until revealed in sunlight. The effort from the trade group won best in show at the 2012 One Show Design Awards.

• Google, 'Google Wallet'
Agency: R/GA, New York

Google changed the face of mobile commerce with Google Wallet, the phone tap-and-payment system. R/GA designed the user interface/user experience and the logo, launching the product to the world.

• Nike, 'My Time Is Now'
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, London

Another jubilant masterpiece of a Nike soccer spot, "My Time Is Now," has the added dimension of hidden, interactive "tunnels" in the YouTube video that transport the viewer to entirely new experiences. Once again, W+K elevates the game.

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