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Goran Factory
Name: Marco Goran Romano
Location: Milan, Italy
Field: Illustration, typography, graphic design
Clients include: Wired Italia, Wired U.K., Il Sole 24 Ore

Explain your style of work.
I constantly look for new design solutions. I always try to simplify everything I do: the shapes, the lines, the concepts—plus I add a healthy dose of pop culture.

What’s your dream project?
I am a curious person, and have a great desire to work on new and different projects. [For instance], I wish I could design a T-shirt collection.

Do you prefer doing illustrated typography or figures?
I love drawing . . . but what I enjoy most are lettering and typography. I couldn’t live without them!

Peter Ørntoft
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Field: Visual communication
Clients include: Index: Design to Improve Life, Y&R Brazil, ASA Trading

Explain your style of work.
It’s based on research and findings. It’s easier for me to conceptualize, contextualize, and highlight interesting and relevant layers of information if I know as much about the subject matter as possible. Usually the visual outcome derives naturally from this process.

What’s your dream project?
The project turns into a dream project when there is enough time to research and conceptualize, and unlimited creative freedom—and, of course, a considerable budget.

Do you need to be good at math to do what you do?
Not at all. Usually the kind of data I work with are not complicated; they are just too often presented in a complicated manner. My interest is communicating what seems to be complicated information in a way that makes it interesting and easy to understand.

Peter Zeglis
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Field: Photography
Clients: Sells prints to private individuals

Explain your style of work.
My landscape work is usually characterized by the absence of the human element and the concept of time. My anthropocentric work is based on the anonymity of the subject and its connection with its enclosing space.

What’s your dream project?
It’s going to take place during the following couple of months—at least I hope so—when I will be [taking photographs] in Iceland. I’m attracted to remote places.

What kind of camera do you use?
Mostly I use a Canon 5D and a Mamiya RB67 Pro.

Names: Jim Van Raemdonck, founder, creative director; Maarten Leenknecht and Xavier Segers, designers
Location: Wetteren, Belgium
Field: Creative branding
Clients include: Music ensemble Zefiro Torna, City of Ghent, Flanders Institute of Biotechnology

Explain your style of work.
Arts and Crafts combined with modern techniques.

What’s your dream project?
Projects that give us freedom of creativity—and sufficient funds.

How long does it take to build a model?
It depends on the project. [They] vary from a few days up to a couple of months.

Tom Hussey
Agency: Tom Hussey Photography
Location: Dallas
Clients include: AT&T, American Airlines, Novartis

Explain your style of work.
It’s a combination of lighting and storytelling meant to evoke an emotion. I believe that lighting plays a big part in how people react to the emotion being portrayed in my images.

What’s your dream project?
It’s always the next project I’m going to shoot. I still get excited about every job I’m awarded. I love the collaboration that is the advertising industry.

How do you cast your photos?
I like to be heavily involved. As a lifestyle photographer, casting is paramount to the success of the final project. I will use a casting director to gather the talent, but I prefer to actually photograph the casting myself so I am able to see how the talent reacts to me and the camera.

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