Ad of the Day: Lionel Messi Captains the Humans in Samsung's Soccer Battle Against Aliens

Our only hope

His challenge, should he choose to accept it...

After charming poor kids who love to sing Lorde in his previous spot, goofy-looking Samsung spokesman Lionel Messi is back, and this time he's fleeing such shiny, sleek black cars that I thought this was an automotive ad until I saw that the Mercedes logos were blacked out.

Basically, Messi flees the cars of the Shadow Government or whoever it is, dribbling his soccer ball with amazing skill through a restaurant, across the tops of cars and elsewhere in a clever riff on the Parkour craze that has taken over everything from broadcast TV to the James Bond franchise.

R/GA and Cheil Worldwide produced this new work, and the spot is expertly shot and edited in such a way that you don't have time to think, only to watch the leaping and running and kicking. So (spoiler) the revelation of the alien spaceship at the very end is a great twist—the Shadow Government has more to worry about than Messi's rabble-rousing soccer games with street urchins, if such a thing can be believed: The fate of the world is at stake. Probably. And only soccer will help.

The only thing about this ad that bothers me a little is that it feels like something's missing from it. It's a great, brief video with a cool twist at the end, put together in a completely professional way. But it's almost as if there should be some kind of a picture, somewhere? It's obviously part of an ongoing campaign—10 other international soccer superstars will be named to Galaxy 11 in the next few weeks on Samsung Mobile's social channels and campaign microsite,—but I want to say maybe there could be, like, a company logo? Or maybe a product of some sort, possibly even a smartphone or a tablet or a really nerdy wristwatch?

Just spitballing, here.

Client: Samsung
Agencies: R/GA and Cheil Worldwide

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