By Jill Comment

In New York, the alacrity with which storefronts change ownership and completely overhaul interiors can be disconcerting (anybody else think we could apply some of that elbow grease to our city’s more vexing projects?), so we were glad to see that Williamsburg’s relatively new hipster destination, Barcade, had such a lengthy and well-documented gestation period. (We’re also relieved to finally identify the mystery bar that we overheard being described on the subway this weekend as a magical land of 25 beers and Frogger.)

In nine months, the bar went from this

to this:

to this:

and successfully married the 15-year-old boy mentality to its desire to attract a more mature crowd:

We also appreciate that the enterprising young lads who built the bar from scratch aren’t just fly-by-night retroists. These boys are clearly living the dream: