NYU’s Jay Rosen: “The Entire Architecture Of The Press Is Falling Apart”

By Amanda Ernst Comment

rosen.pngBlogger, prolific Tweeter and NYU professor Jay Rosen spoke with German new media author Ulrike Reinhard recently about new media and its role in journalism today.

Rosen said he and his fellow professors are still figuring out how new media and social media fits into their J-school curriculum, but he said acknowledging its role in the future of the field is imperative. “Everybody who pays attention in events of journalism knows that the world of the press is undergoing a dramatic transformation,” he said. “It’s not just that journalism is moving to the Web…really the entire architecture of the press is falling apart. So we have to teach about this as a matter of survival.”

In addition to teaching the “rise of the Web,” Rosen said he also teaches blogging and social media skills — although he finds that the faculty sometimes has as much to learn as the students. Students, he said, come into NYU with knowledge of the Web as casual users, but are not prepared to use it professionally.

“Anybody who uses the web for their livelihood has to understand it as a system very well,” he said. “They understand the Web as an environment and they are able to communicate expertly on it.”

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