Miss(ed) Manners

By Jen Bekman Comment

applenotecard.jpgGetting my act together with regard to social correspondence is a perennial New Year’s resolution for me. I think my poor form in this regard is some teenage rebellion hangover that I’ve never recovered from. For as long as I can remember, my mother has kept a large agenda on the dresser in her bedroom and slipped into the pages are occasional cards, bought far far far in advance, commemorating birthdays, anniversaries and graduations of friends, friends’ children and family members. I am the sort of girl you’ll find shuffling through the slim selection of Hallmark cards in the supermarket on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. It’s tragic, truly. Especially considering the high regard I have for receiving paper mail, which has only increased as more and more of my personal and businss communication is conducted via email (or IM).

Lately I’ve been of the mind that I simply lack the proper tools. I’m convinced that if only I had the finest pen and stationery, writing a pithy and warm note to my host or hostess after a dinner party would be as natural to me as IMing absurd links to my friends in California is. So I’ve been on the hunt. I could stock up on pre-printed notecards – there is a vast array of choices.

But no, right now I am preoccupied with getting engraved stationery, because hey look, I’m a classy lady. And a print geek to boot. The gold standard amongst the society folks is Mrs John L Strong. (Clearly their web presence is not a priority – the placeholder page at that URL lists the physical stores you can visit to purchase their “Fine StationAry”. Hello.) Alas, such luxury comes at a price well beyond my means. So, I’m the hunt for something of that ilk, but you know, affordable.

Right now, I’m enjoying educating myself about the particulars of making such a purchase.

Till then, I am going to make do with ThankYous of the store bought variety. If you’ve done something nice for me lately, keep an eye on your mailbox.

(You can find the notecard pictured here at Pancake & Franks.)