Crate & Barrel Smackdown over at AT


By Jen Bekman Comment

2005_3_29_cordova.jpgOver on Apartment Therapy, there’s a long thoughtful analysis about the most recent Crate & Barrel catalog. I am a sucker for a recap that covers good design, consumer culture and the influence of fashion on design. A sampling:

I do like the idea of C&B reissuing and/or resurrecting some design classics, like what they’ve been doing with Marimekko the past few seasons, and what they have done with the Eva Ziesel dinnerware. But the Adler/Graves stuff seems beneath them (C&B), to me. If they want to go name-brand designer, I’d rather see something by some less exposed talents (like Martha Sturdy, for example, who seems to be more a fit there.)