The Boston Globe Endorses John Kasich for the New Hampshire Primary

By Corinne Grinapol Comment


Just as Politico Playbook predicted, The Boston Globe has endorsed John Kasich for the New Hampshire primary in an editorial published last night.

Portraying him as a figure who stands in stark contrast to his fellow Republican nominees, The Globe wrote, “By voting for Kasich, New Hampshire can reward a candidate whose politics have been largely positive — and rebuke those candidates who have spent their campaign appealing to voters’ fears and biases,” before getting in some Trump criticism.

The paper also explained its choice of Kasich over the non-running specter of 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney:

Republicans can pine for a choice that doesn’t exist — noncandidate Mitt Romney recently led a hypothetical poll of New Hampshire voters — but the GOP ballot is what it is. The New Hampshire primary historically serves to winnow down the field, and that has never been more important than it is this year. The GOP needs to settle on one candidate to take the fight to Trump and Cruz, and Kasich is the best bet.