Taking Out The Trash, 02.01.07

By Patrick 

  • Seems PR professionals are the best lovers, and one reader tells us why: “It goes without saying that PR people are better lovers. We are adaptable, we have mastered the art of addressing multiple needs at once, we are adventurious, curious, and generally enthusiastic and high-energy individuals. Really…everyone should want to sleep with us.”

  • Josh Gerstein reports, “The Washington Post has quietly retreated from a legal battle with Vice President Cheney by dropping a lawsuit demanding Secret Service logs of visitors to his office and residence.”

  • Howard Kurtz gives his report on how Judith Miller handled “her testimony under duress.”

  • Harry Jaffe asks, “Is the sassy, iconoclastic section that the Washington Post’s Ben Bradlee created back in 1969 headed for the scrap heap of journalistic history? Signs point that way.”

  • A reader notes, “BTW not a single update on the Critique Board since Jan 17. not a single open-forum comment since then and, of course, no new critiques (are they ever going to resume?)”

  • Check out Bill Sammon’s Wikipedia entry, another journo to have the honor.

  • “The Chris Matthews Show” announced today that it “is launching a four-part series dedicated to the major issues that will affect the 2008 presidential primaries.” The series will include panelists Dan Rather, Bob Woodward, Joe Klein and Jim Cramer.

  • AP reports, “The New York Times Co. posted a $648 million loss for the fourth quarter on Wednesday as it absorbed an $814.4 million charge to write down the value of its struggling New England properties, The Boston Globe and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.”

  • A Pew release announces, “Three deeply intertwined subjects — the debate over U.S. strategy in Iraq, the speech defending that strategy, and the emerging campaign to succeed that speech’s author — finished in a virtual tie for the top story in the news last week according to PEJ’s News Coverage Index.”

  • C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” is going to broadcast from Mount Vernon on Friday from 8-10 a.m. where James Rees, executive director of Mount Vernon, will tour the museum’s new Donald W. Reynolds Education Center with C-SPAN host Brian Lamb. In the first hour of the show include call ins from the C-SPAN studios.

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