Taking Out The Trash, 01.12.07

By Patrick 

  • With a third of the votes, Fox was where most of you tuned in for President Bush’s speech.

  • A NBC release announced that “Meet the Press with Tim Russert” was the number one public affairs program for the week ending January 7, 2007, “winning all categories.” “Meet” attracted 4.223 million viewers, an 18% lead over CBS’s “Face the Nation”, 51% more than ABC’s “This Week”, and a 212% lead over FOX’s “News Sunday.”

  • Cousin TVNewser reports that Reese Schonfeld calls MSNBC’s ratings rise “almost incredible.”

  • A reader asks, “Does this NationalJournal.com2.0 have anything to do with the NBC 2.0?” Answer: No.

  • Reuters reports that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice “let slip her media preferences” stating over an open mic on Thursday, “I love every single one” of Fox News network’s correspondents and also favors CBS anchor Harry Smith.

  • Actually, the Baltimore Sun is not “in negotiations with the Tribune Co. to purchase The Baltimore Sun.”

  • A tipster writes in, “Sorry, but the coolest journalism name in DC is Kukula Glastris of the Washington Monthly.”

  • Reports show future looks strong for media

  • Newspapers…and After?”

  • Wolf Blitzer welcomed new CNN correspondent Brianna Keilar to the D.C. bureau on The Situation Room today…

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