Danielle Steel Applying for WBJ Gig?


By Matt Dornic 

I’ve read some strange cover letters but this one leaves me truly speechless (or should I say “breathless”). Below is the opening to a cover letter that my pals at the Washington Business Journal received today for an open reporter spot. The WBJ didn’t share the identity of the job-seeker but I’m putting my money on Danielle Steel…

“Taking notes and pictures on the floor of the Senate Finance Committee boardroom with an H&M skirt daintily covering my folded legs. This is Tim Geithner’s third testimony on the Hill this week alone, and his eyes dart around the room more than usual. It is a hearing about the proposed Public Private Investment Plan, and he knows every detail will be scrutinized. We catch eyes and I know he has expected me to be there. I have been at every announcement and testimony since his confirmation. It is at this moment I realize that reporting and I were meant to be. He has had his practice, I have had mine — and it all comes down to this moment.”