YouTube’s Creative Commons License Makes Mash-Ups Easy

Remixed videos will link back to the source

Remixing your favorite cat videos has never been so easy, thanks to YouTube's new licensing option: Beginning today, the website is letting users license their content under Creative Commons with attribution.

Rather than using the standard (and fairly restrictive) YouTube license, the Creative Commons license allows users to offer other people permission to use their videos, as long as they link back to the source. With YouTube’s video editor, users can now splice their own videos with others’ content, provided that it’s available within Creative Commons. These remixes will display an attribution link within the video’s "more" description, but YouTube says that they will make the links more prominent if people aren't clicking on them.

YouTube is starting off with over 10,000 videos licensed under Creative Commons, from partners like C-Span and Al Jazeera, and thousands more will become available as users switch their current videos over to the new license.