Yanking Yankee Around

We told you to stay tuned for details of the venerated New England mag. The monthly has indeed missed ad revenue targets and lost at least 10 people recently. At least four of them were let go, and at least four are being replaced. The positions run the gamut in both the Dublin, NH, home offices, to the marketing and sales types in Boston. They include former editor-in-chief Michael Carlton, being replaced by 27-year veteran Mel Allen (pictured), to an associate art director, copy editor Sarah Johnson, a production person, and, we believe, marketing manager Pam Ahearn. About 50 people are left, split among Yankee and its sister, Old Farmers’ Almanac, in the privately held company.

The changes have come as something of a shock to the 71-year-old institution, but survivors claim optimism that changes will bring success, including: a new Web designer (maybe they’ll add a “search” box?); an increase in size to a more standard 8½ x 10 cover, which advertisers are said to like more than the current smaller size; a re-focusing under Allen on the kind of localized journalism New Englanders can dig into (perhaps like this piece on a Portland travel agent “haunted” by Mohammed Atta); publication once every two months; and folding its yearly New England travel book into the mag’s Spring newsstand edition. The new version of Yankee (we’ve got a “How to Pitch” profile of the current version of the mag for AG members) launches Jan. 9.