WSFL Cancels Morning Show Without Giving Staff A Chance To Say Goodbye

wsflnewsmall2.jpg“The Morning Show” on WSFL-Channel 39 in Miami ended its run Wednesday. That’s nothing surprising, simply given the state of original programming on TV these days.

What’s surprising is that the show’s staff weren’t informed it was their last episode until after they’d finished taping.

“Sorry we didn’t say goodbye on the air,” WSFL features reporter Eugene Ramirez wrote on his Twitter account, according to the Miami Herald. “We didn’t know until after the show was over. Thx to loyal fans who made waking up early worth it!”

The show didn’t build audience “the way we had anticipated,” WSFL spokeswoman Kery Knutson said in a statement.

Some staffers are leaving. In the same statement, Knutson told the Herald: “Every effort is being made to help affected employees with this transition, including assisting them in exploring placement within our organization and at other Tribune properties. We’re also helping facilitate the production of résumé tapes and other material for departing staff members.”