Would You Pay For Exclusive Local Content Like PG+?

pg+.jpgLast night, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette launched a new paid content Web site, PG+.

The members only site promises to provide users with special interactive features and exclusive content provided by the Post-Gazette staff beyond what is available in the paper’s daily print and online versions. The site will be hosted by Post-Gazette bloggers and will place an emphasis on commenting and social networking.

The cost? $36 for an annual membership or $3.99 monthly. Members who sign up now will also receive a free copy of a book written by Post-Gazette staffers about the Superbowl winning Steelers, “Super Six.”

Is this a whole new content model? The Post-Gazette says it is:

“PG+ is not only new for the Post-Gazette; it’s also a new, if not unique, approach to the online pay model for the news industry. Most news organizations that are contemplating charging for content are thinking of using ‘micro-charges,’ billing a small amount for clicks on individual stories. PG+, on the other hand, does not put any existing content behind a pay wall. Rather, it offers members access to a full array of all-new material while continuing the regular.”

As more and more publications try out new paid online content models, we’re curious: would you pay for something like PG+? Take our poll and let us know.

Would you pay for a Web site like PG+?(polls)

Post-Gazette launches PG+, a members-only Web sitePittsburgh Post-Gazette

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