Would You Apply For This Job?

So you’re into marketing and saving the world? GlobalGiving wants you; the company’s hiring an “unmarketing” manager.

It’s a pretty unconventional job ad: in the first paragraph, it namechecks Seth Godin and wonders if the perfect job candidate should be the type of person who screams loudly in crowded areas.

Also, it’s just written better than the average job ad:

Benefits include flexible work hours, a family-friendly culture, your choice of Mac or PC, a convenient downtown DC location, telecommuting options, and a meaningful job where you can go home at night and say, “Today, my work helped rescue 97 girls from bonded labor in Nepal.” (One of many true stories.) And don’t worry – we’ve also got the usual benefits like health care, dental/vision, commuter benefits, 401K, and paid vacation.

The ad then asks jobseekers to “Take this job for a test spin for an hour or two. Try out a couple of the tasks that you’ll be leading (see above) and email us your results. Alternatively, take the time to show us that you really understand unmarketing and unmarket yourself to us. This should be fun and exciting, because if it’s not, then do you really want to spend 40+ hours a week doing this?….If you follow these directions and show us your passion, we promise that your email, resume, and anything else you send will be reviewed by a real person with the same thoughtfulness that you put into applying.”

So after reading all that (and the ad itself does go on for a while)…would you apply?