Woodward To Provide Commentary Tonight

washingtonpost.com and Newsweek.com will host their third live election Web cast for the Texas and Ohio primaries tonight from 7:00 – 10:00 pm ET. C-SPAN will also air portions of this election special live to their viewers.

People you can expect to see: Bob Woodward, Jon Meacham, Dan Balz, Chris Cillizza, Anne Kornblut, Howard Fineman, Michael Isikoff, Holly Bailey, Eleanor Clift, Bob Shrum, Liz Cheney, Senator John Kerry, Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan, Texas Congressmen Al Green and Charles Gonzales, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Clinton strategist Maria Cardona, President of the National Institute for Latino Policy Angelo Falcon, and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, in addition to reporters stationed in cities throughout Ohio and Texas.

The New York Times does a write-up here. But really we just want to know what tie Ed O’Keefe is planning to wear…

Also: FNC To Debut Strategy Room for Super Tuesday II.


    Please check in this evening as the staff of the Hotline covers the day’s political bedlam. Can HRC score victories in OH and TX? Should the good folks of Allentown and Pittsburgh and Philly gear up for a protracted battle in PA? Or will Obama seal the deal? We’ll live blog all the action — and coverage of the action — for you. Stop by early, read often, and enjoy.