Wired Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Well, that'll do it. Election's over, folks!

For whatever it’s worth, Wired has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

This is the first time the Condé Nast title has made an endorsement in its 23-year history. We imagine that’s mainly because … Why would it? In any case, Scott Dadich—Wired’s editor in chief—wrote that he is supporting Clinton because she’s the only option that keeps the future “bright and forward-looking.”

“For all the barbs aimed at Hillary Clinton—the whole calculating, tactical, Tracy Flick enchilada—she is the only candidate who can assess the data, consult with the people who need to be heard, and make decisions that she can logically defend,” wrote Dadich. “Sure, she’s calculating. She’s tactical. There are worse things you can ask of a person with nuclear codes.”

“We’ll keep fighting for a future instead of for the past,” continued Dadich. “And part of that fight is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.”

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