Wii Wish You an Early Christmas (If You’re Famous Enough)

jtavatar.jpgJustin Timberlake was by far the most A-list of the A-list celebs at the Wii “celebrity party” on Friday night at Boulevard 3, but at least 100 other known names received the wand-erific gaming consoles.

Unbeknownst to Macy Gray, Seth Green and Jason Biggs (who lost 154 to 153 against his girlfriend in bowling), discerning PR people spent the night sweating into their headsets, confirming who was spongeworthy enough to earn a free console (“Yeah, he can have one. No, she can’t get one. Who even let her in?”).

One guy, who our spies did not recognize as anyone, you know, important, was clearly so excited to be deemed worthy of a gift bag that he lifted his into the air and exclaimed, “I own Zelda! I got the Twillight Princess!”

The man was neither subdued nor escorted from the premises, but we doubt his Q rating went up either.