Whole Rundown on The Sunday Times‘ Redesign


Yesterday, as you may have heard, marked the launch of The Sunday Times‘ new redesign and we’re liking the look of it thus far. It’s part of that same trend of bigger images and smaller columns (to us it seems, at least), but they’re doing 100% color now, throughout the paper, which is interesting, and we’ve always thought that the Times does a pretty bang-up job any time they’ve felt the itch to change things up. For the whole story, we suggest turning to editor John Witherow‘s description of all the redesigning they did. Here’s a bit about the new type they’re using:

And for the first time we have a bespoke typeface for the main news section, called Sunday Times Modern. This is the serif face you will see on the splash, the lead story on the front page of the paper, and on the main news stories inside. The characteristics of this typeface, for the growing numbers of you who are keen students of design and typography, are illustrated on this page. Suffice to say here that we think it is a bolder, fresher headline face than the old Century which served us well for many years.