Who Will Be Obama’s Press Secretary?


(Yes, yes, the election’s not over, but we haven’t quite seen an equivalent article re: a McCain presidency yet…If it exists, let us know adn we’ll get that up. Of course, TigerHawk wants Megyn Kelly to be press secretary…)

Politico’s Mike Allen looks at the communication positions in an Obama White House:

Communications director: Robert Gibbs; Dan Pfeiffer, who has that post in the campaign

Deputy communications director: Josh Earnest

Press secretary: Robert Gibbs, Linda Douglass, Bill Burton, Stephanie Cutter

Director of media affairs (regional and specialty media): Blake Zeff

Speechwriting director: Jon Favreau, Jeff Nussbaum

Deputy press secretary: Karen Dunn, currently Axelrod’s deputy

Press staff morale chief: Tommy Vietor

Assistant press secretary: Isaac Baker, Reid Cherlin, Ben LaBolt, Moira Mack, Hari Sevugan, Nick Shapiro

Press secretary to the first lady: Katie McCormick Lelyveld