Which SVA Student’s Hair Chair Is Shear Genius?

SVA hairchairs.jpg

Bravo‘s Shear Genius, a Project Runway for hairstylists, is back for its second season. Heavy on the “cut”-related wordplay, the show puts vaguely menacing Danish hairstylist René Fris (who we could swear we once saw in a Mentos commercial) in the Tim Gunn role and is hosted by actress/Kmartist Jaclyn Smith. Shear Genius celebrated its season premiere on Tuesday with a pop-up salon in New York’s Times Square and recruited students from the School of Visual Arts, under the guidance of SVA 3D Design Program chairperson Kevin O’Callaghan, to design the temporary salon as well as ten salon chairs that Bravo’s “The Dish” blog describes as “pretty damn amazing.”

Among the wacky hair chairs is the trio pictured above. Created by Sarah Nguyen, the “DJ” chair (at far right) is a stack of hair-themed record albums ready for playing on its giant turntable base while Kathleen Ugurlu‘s “Jock” (center) is for the hirsute baseball fan (we think the batting helmet is a nice touch). But we find ourselves unable to resist the garden gnome-accessorized “Backyard” chair designed by Kaori Sakai in a bold palette of green, red, and yellow. It comes with a grass-tufted seat backed by a garden gate, a hose, cooler, and a full grill setup, complete with ketchup, mustard, and corn on the cob. Check out all of the chairs and vote for your favorite here. The winner gets a $5,000 prize, which we’re hoping is payable in cash rather than hair products.