What’s The Situation With ‘The Situation’?

Is DC’s favorite bow-tied pundit about to endure another setback?

Lloyd Grove reports that the future of “The Situation with Tucker Carlson” is in doubt.

    “MSNBC insiders told Lowdown it’s not a good sign for the bow-tied Carlson, who hosts ‘The Situation’ at 11 p.m., that his time slot will be given up to a repeat of Chris Matthews’ ‘Hardball’ when Carlson goes on vacation next week.

    Carlson told me his fans needn’t worry. ‘I will be back with my show on March 13, when I return from vacation.’ And an MSNBC spokesman called the tmz.com report ‘ridiculous’ and ‘wrong on every level.’

We’re not sure which is more sad: That Tucker could potentially suffer another show cancellation, or that Kathleen Matthews will have to endure more time without her husband as MSNBC slowly turns into “Chris Matthews TV.”

Oh and speaking of pretty boys: George Stephanopoulos loves himself some manicures.