What Makes PBS Ombud Michael Getler Want To ‘Hit The Chute’?

Proof that Jetblue Steven Slater has created a lasting impression: “grab a beer and hit the chute” has wormed its way into even PBS ombudsman Michael Getler’s writing.

Getler says that e-mails about The McLaughlin Group are enough to make him want to spectacularly quit, Jetblue style: See, the show isn’t produced by PBS but it airs on 315 of 360 member stations, so people seem to think it’s a PBS program (“and who can blame them,” says Getler). That means lots of angry e-mails to the ombud, even though PBS isn’t, technically, at fault.

And only somewhat relatedly, the same Taiwanese company that made the amazing Tiger Woods reenactment has worked its magic again with Slater’s dramatic exit: