WH Pool Irked by Lack of Access


In a Pool Report today by Washington Examiner‘s White House correspondent Julie Mason, annoyance ruled the day due to lack of access this morning at the CNBC’s “exclusive” Town Hall with POTUS at the Newseum. Where’s the access for the Pool?

Mason writes:

If you watched the CNBC town hall on TV, you saw as much as the pool — minus an uneventful motorcade.

The event was broadcast live from the Newseum — a monument if not to access then at least the concept of a free press. But nothing is free, as we heard from the POTUS on CNBC. Pool held in what appeared to be the ABC News “This Week” Newseum studio set-up, and watched the event on a flat-screen. It should be noted the White House allowed at least one of its own staff photographers into the town hall, but no access for news stills.

The first question the president got from the audience could have come from the pool: “Is this my new reality?”

> Update: Mason tells FishbowlDC, “I can’t speak for the Pool, but I was disappointed. And as a [WHCA] board member, I feel I have to push for access whenever I can. I mostly felt bad for the photogs.”