WGA, Worldwide Pants Come To Agreement

The Writer’s Guild of America and David Letterman’s production studio Worldwide Pants have come to a separate agreement from the AMPTP. Since mid-December the WGA has been looking to negotiate individually with independent production companies. The deal allows Letterman to return to CBS January 2nd with his team of writers. The WGA has been on strike since November 5th.

WGA statement after the jump…

”We are pleased that an interim agreement has been reached with Worldwide Pants that will get David Letterman and Craig Ferguson back on the air, an agreement that reflects the same fair and respectful deal we have been trying to bargain with the AMPTP for months. We hope that other companies will now also come forward and negotiate in good faith so that Letterman and Ferguson ‘s colleagues Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and others can return to the air with the talented Guild writing staffs who are so essential to their success and popularity.”