Weymouth: No More Profiles For Me!

We caught up with Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth at today’s Huffington Post lunch in Denver.

“This is my first convention as an adult,” said Weymouth, who said she’ll be unable to attend the Republican Convention because she has a family commitment.

So how have you handled all the press and profiles, Katharine? “No more profiles for me! I’m done.”

We had a good laugh over FishbowlDC’s earlier sighting of her and John Harris at the McPherson Square Starbucks.

“I should have had lunch with Rupert Murdoch there just to throw you off the scent,” she joked.

We also had some friendly banter about my newspaper, the Washington Examiner…talking Metro coverage, cover layout and distribution models.

“It’s always good to have competition,” said Weymouth.