We’ve Been Doing Some Thinking


A nice resource or something to head over to to help kill a slow Spring day: Thinking for a Living, which we found by way of Type For You. It’s a very nicely designed site put together by Duane King for a student show/conference at the Dallas Society of Visual Communications. Filled to the brim with links to terrific essays about pretty much everything under the sun, from early theories about design to semiotics to monographs. Here’s King’s explanation of what it’s all doing here:

Here I offer you a collection of recommended readings and online links that I have gathered over the years from various reliable sources. Together they illustrate the wide variety of tools modern designers have at their disposal and the breadth of influences we should have. My hope is that these resources will help guide you in your own research and growth as a designer. You should find your own priorities within my list of suggested resources, but you should also find a balanced offering of content as a beginning for your own explorations.