West Wing…in Heels!

Most in Washington long for the good ‘ol days of West Wing, when it was written by Aaron Sorkin and could captivate your attention over an issue as seemingly silly as whether to ban the penny.

ABC’s new program, Commander-in-Chief (starring Geena Davis), premieres tonight at 9 and hopes to capture West Wing’s original glory (or at least West Wing’s original audience).

Eleanor Clift, Gwen Ifil and Helen Thomas sat on a discussion panel last week following a screening of Commander’s premiere episode, giving conservatives further heartache about the “liberal media.” (Here’s the Hill’s write-up of the mini-hamburger-studded panel.)

(P.S. Is there any sentence more unsettling at 6 a.m. than reading this opening line in Tom Shales review of Commander: “Geena Davis can veto my legislation anytime.”