We’re Not The Only Ones Obsessed with 1947 Project

crimebopic.jpgOur friends at 1947project tell us that Rolling Stone gives them props this month for dishing up truly disgusting (and intriguing) bits of LA gore.

We’re gonna have to take their word for it, as Rolling Stone’s Web site blows and we stopped subscribing in 1994.

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November 21, 2006

Rolling Stone names L.A.’s 1947project as top crime blog

LOS ANGELES- Rolling Stone magazine, in a current feature on the growing influence of true crime blogs on the mainstream media, has named L.A.-based time travel blog 1947project as one of the best stops on the web. Making special note of the site’s year-long exploration of forgotten 1940s crimes, RS raves: “If you’re a fan of Raymond Chandler or Chinatown, this L.A.-noir site goes deep into the year 1947 and the murder of the Black Dahlia, positing the homicide as one of the most pivotal events in the city’s history.

Also singled out for notice in “Cyber Cops: Inside the frightening world of the Web’s original crime blogger” are Trench Reynolds of thetrenchcoat.com, Steve Huff of crimeblog.us, Mark Gribben of markgribben.com and the dark-side-of-myspace site mycrimespace.com.

The crime-a-day posts on 1947project, penned by social historians Kim
, Nathan Marsak and Larry Harnisch, explore the forgotten Los Angeles of 1947 and, more recently, 1907. From corrupt mayors to Mexican revolutionaries, monkey house mashers to regular old cads, lady killers and killer ladies, the site specializes in bringing to life the weird characters and circumstances that shaped L.A.

Kim and Nathan also host monthly Crime Bus tours of notable neighborhoods like Pasadena, Bunker Hill and West Adams, and a city-wide tour exploring the myths and realities of the Elizabeth Short “Black Dahlia” murder case. Their next tour rolls on Thanksgiving Saturday, November 25. Pasadena
Confidential is a five-hour guided luxury coach tour to the darkest recesses of Pasadena history, including a visit to the cozy bungalow where RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan lived with his family.