Watch Tareq & Michaele in the Q & A Cafe (Grrrrrrrr…)

Journos meet the Salahis at the Ritz (c/o Joynt’s website).

Here it is, the much talked about show from last week at The Ritz in Georgetown, where blogger Carol Joynt sat down with the infamous couple. Joynt offers a confessional about what it was like to interview the couple, but also lets us in on audience reaction to even the idea of her interviewing this couple.

Best part: the growling.

An excerpt:
“…Michaele Salahi is the first guest to growl at me. Not once, but twice. It was a good growl, too, in the style of Eartha Kitt. Literally, “grrrrrrrr.” It came midway through an interview last week with her and husband Tareq Salahi. She thought my questions were hostile. They were meant to be pointed, not heated. If I wanted to give her hostility I could have produced a dozen or so of the hate emails that arrived after scheduling the interview in the first place.”

Watch it here.