Washington Whispers’ Buzz

Sure, you thought that U.S. News & World Reports’ Paul Bedard was a honey, but did you know that he also made honey, too?

He has four bee hives in his Northern Virginia back yard and he recently bottled 35 bottles of honey, which quickly sold out ($5) over at USNWR headquarters, but more honey is forthcoming. The honey is not only organic, but Bedard’s even been inspected and approved by the Loudoun County Health Department.

Said an internal announcement over at USNWR:

    It’s very tasty. The honey is a creamy yellow color, very light and fruity in flavor. This isn’t some crummy supermarket blend for the same price. (A Pennsylvania farmer sells it for $6.50 at the Foggy Bottom farmer’s market.) Our 70,000 busy bees (they’re all girls) made this–and they weren’t happy that we stole it. They get a buzzin’ when we show up in that silly bee suit. Yes, all girls which is why ours is called Hubba Hubba Honey from the Working Girls Apiary.