Washington: The Punching Bag

Yesterday we brought you NJ Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier cracking on Washington for its treasure trove of political sex scandals. Today we have HuffPost/AOL‘s Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington picking on Washington for stagnation.

Huffington writes an editorial headlined, “‘Right-to-Rent’: A Simple, Sensible Idea That Dysfunctional Washington Is More Than Happy to Let Die.” In it, she takes us behind the scenes of ABC’s “This Week” With Christiane Amanpour and a snapshot of House Speaker John Boehner showing her a laminated copy of his jobs legislation.

An excerpt: This is the latest clownish manifestation of a growing Washington phenomenon. It’s now a monthly ritual: jobs numbers for the previous month come out, they’re labeled “disappointing,” and there’s a lot of hemming and hawing and throat clearing and pronouncements about how “something really must be done,” and about how vitally important it is to “get America back to work.”

Read the full piece here.