WaPo’s Kurtz Touches on How Journo Copes in Haiti

guilt2.jpgWaPo’s Howard Kurtz spoke with CNN’s National correspondent Jason Carroll live in Haiti on the network’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday about how he personally deals with “the emotional overload” of covering Haiti’s earthquake.

In a word for Carroll: “Guilt.”

Carroll: “You know, for me, personally, I can just say it’s guilt. You drive down these streets in the beginning — and it’s gotten a little better with the deceased, who were, when we got here, nearly everywhere you looked. And now it’s to the point where it’s a story of aid and getting people water and getting people food. And we get out there and we cover these stories. And you feel guilty, because I know that when I come back to the CNN place where we are, they’re going to have water for me. They’re going to have food for me. I’m going to have a roof over my head.

“I know that eventually I’m going to leave and go back to New York. These people are still going to be here, and probably still dealing with some of the very same issues another week from now, another month from now, who knows, for these people in terms of shelter. Even a year or longer from now. So, for me, it’s guilt, and dealing with the guilt is something that you oftentimes have to deal with when covering major disasters in places like Port-au-Prince.”