WaPo’s Farhi Says Kurtz’s Seat ‘Still Warm’

While WaPo‘s newsroom is buzzing with talk of WaPo‘s pop culture writer Paul Farhi stepping in for Howard Kurtz, no agreement has been struck between WaPo management and Farhi.

FishbowlDC spoke with Farhi this afternoon, who said that the process of replacing Kurtz will likely take “weeks and weeks.” When pressed, Farhi said management speaking to him about such a role would not come as a surprise. “It would not be unheard of,” he said. “I have been covering the media for a long time. I’m not trying to second guess what their process is. It would not be completely out of the blue. …Either they are playing this very close to the vest or they don’t know.”

Farhi insists Kurtz’s position is still “up in the air.” He explained it would be “unusual” and “remarkable” for WaPo to fill the position quickly. “Howie is high profile,” he said. “Howie’s seat is still warm. Besides, he did such a great job. Not that he’s not replaceable. Everyone is replaceable.”

Does Farhi want the job? “There are pros and cons to doing it,” he said. “I really like what I’m doing.” And besides, he added, “It may not be the same beat, it may be something different.”