WaPo Taps Bloomberg Correspondent To Go To Jerusalem

The Washington Post has hired Janine Zacharia, formerly Bloomberg News’s diplomatic correspondent, to be the paper’s next Jerusalem bureau chief.

She starts at the Post Jan. 4, and will head to Jerusalem on March 1, taking over from Howard Schneider.

We have the memo after the jump.

From: Doug Jehl/news/TWP on 12/08/2009 12:05 PM
To NEWS – All
Subject Staff News: A New Jerusalem Bureau Chief

We’re truly thrilled to announce that Janine Zacharia, the diplomatic correspondent at Bloomberg News, will join The Washington Post as the next Jerusalem bureau chief. Janine is as comfortable in the Middle East as she is in Washington, having begun her career in Jerusalem as a correspondent for the Jerusalem Report and Reuters. She speaks fluent Hebrew and has some knowledge of Arabic. For the last 10 years, she has been based in Washington, as a correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, The New Republic, and now Bloomberg, with a break for a one-year Knight fellowship at Stanford. She has also appeared extensively on Bloomberg television and has been a regular panelist on PBS’ “Washington Week in Review.” That background will help Janine bring clarity, authority and enterprise to our coverage of an Israel-Palestinian conflict at the heart of an unsettled Middle East. She also brings passion, energy, and a wry sense of humor to her work, which have earned her a reputation as a well-liked colleague as well as a high-impact reporter whose work will resonate broadly. We expect that Janine will start at the Post on Jan. 4, on a path to become Jerusalem bureau chief on March 1, when she will take the baton from Howard Schneider. While her primary area of responsibility will be Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, we expect her to range more widely, particularly between now and November, when Leila Fadel reopens our bureau in Beirut. As with our recent filling of jobs in Kabul, Islamabad, Baghdad and Nairobi, as well as Beirut, Janine’s hiring reflects the Post’s deep and continuing commitment to covering foreign news.

Doug and Kevin