WaPo Forces ABC to ‘Fix’ Its Web Series Name


ABC News’ decision a few weeks back to name their new daily Web series ‘The Fix’ struck more than a few people as strange. Those of you who follow politics will already know that Chris Cillizza has been writing a well-read blog for the Washington Post titled ‘The Fix’ since 2005 and more recently his very active Twitter feeds took up the name. Was ABC unaware? Unclear (though it is a little like WaPo launching a Web series called ‘The Note’).

At the time Cillizza told us “we are aware…and looking into it” and it seems they were successful. WebNewser has the scoop and is reporting that “lawyers from The Washington Post sent a cease and desist letter to ABC News telling them the name “The Fix” is theirs. And it appears ABC News has complied. On the front page of ABCNews.com there is a section of stories, but no mention that they are part of the series.” WebNewser also says ABC News is working on coming up with new names, which shouldn’t be all that difficult — according to (former Menu guest) Rick Klein they do read the Internet over there!