Unseen 1972 Orson Welles Film Finally Poised For Release

The Other Side of the Wind, an Orson Welles film, which he shot and directed in 1972 but never finished, may finally be set to be released after decades of legal wrangling.

The Guardian reports:

Rumours of its release have surfaced repeatedly since it was shot in 1972, but an ownership dispute has always scuppered any plans. However, a Los Angeles lawyer told the Observer last week that the film will finally be seen.

Kenneth Sidle, a lawyer involved in the dispute over rights to the film, said: “We are in negotiations for the picture, which would lead to the finishing and public exhibition. Hopefully within the next few weeks we will know.”

Sidle, of law firm Gipson Hoffman & Pancione, represents Jacqueline Boushehri, widow of a relative of the Shah of Iran and one of the film’s producers.

Also embroiled in the negotiations is Welles’s lover, Oja Kodar, a Croatian who starred in and co-wrote the film. Sidle confirmed that both are selling their interests in the film.

Welles allegedly described the film to his lead actor John Huston as “about a bastard director… full of himself, who catches people and creates and destroys them. It’s about us, John.”

The debate is still out about whether to finish the film on Welles’ behalf, or to just simply screen the raw footage. Why argue? Take the advice of this Orson fanboi and split it down the middle: put out both.

H/T THR, Esq.