TWT Staff Meeting at 11:30 AM

Another heaping helping of the piping hot casserole of crazy coming out of The Washington Times this morning: After a press release and a memo about the press release were issued in reference to TWT‘s major management overhaul, an email was finally sent to staff, inviting them to freak out meet in the ballroom at 11:30 for a meeting to discuss moving forward in a financially responsible manner.


Memo after the jump.

From: David Jones
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009
Subject: staff meeting 11:30 am today

All staff are invited to a meeting in the ballroom at 11:30 where there will be a more detailed explanation of the statement below:

To Washington Times and News World Staff and Colleagues:

To Washington Times Staff:

The Times is establishing an assessment team under new leadership and with the support from its parent company, News World Communications LLC , Tatum executive services, and other specialists. This team will assess and clarify steps going forward to achieve the goal of a market-based, sustainable media enterprise.
Tom McDevitt, Keith Cooperrider, and Dong Moon Joo have been relieved of their duties as employees of The Washington Times.
During this period of assessment, Jonathan Slevin will serve as Acting President and Publisher of The Washington Times, working together with The Times leadership team under the direction of The Times Board of Directors and its parent company, News World Communications LLC.

Today’s industry conditions and the general economic downturn necessitate this team-based assessment, planning and subsequent implementation of a plan to enable The Times to become sustainable.
Mr. Slevin has previously served as The Washington Times vice president, has a career in journalism including managing editor of the New York City Tribune, and executive business management experience in several industries.

“Our assessment team, ably assisted by Curtis Scheel, Acting CFO, looks forward to emerging with a market-based plan for a sustainable enterprise so that The Washington Times may continue to fulfill its mission as an influential, alternative voice from the nation’s capital,” said Mr. Slevin. “I look forward to our most valued asset, our employees, helping assess our situation, create a plan, and move The Times forward in a financially responsible manner.”

Thank you,

Sonya Jenkins
Vice President, Human Resources

Sonya Jenkins
Vice President, Human Resources

Jonathan Slevin