Two Opposing Viewpoints About The Future: Print Or Digital?

So what exactly is going to bring in the money that pays media salaries in the future?

Two magazine publishers have exactly opposing views.

That’s not really news, but it’s interesting that MinOnline posted both articles within 24 hours of each other.

Just goes to show that despite the pundits, there’s still no one sure way to run a media business.

At publisher Future, which owns titles like T3 and Total Film in the UK and Guitar World and Official Xbox Magazine in the U.S., increases in digital revenue have been enough to offset a 12 percent drop in circulation and a 10 percent drop in print ad revenue. But an increase in digital revenues of 25 percent was enough to allow the publisher to have a flat Q4 2010, reports minonline.

Meanwhile, Gardner Publications, a b2b publisher serving manufacturers, is expecting its growth to come from print, says minonline.

“Both digital and print will be growing,” president Richard Kline told min. “But, interestingly, it seems print will grow faster as our advertisers return to print to help build—or rebuild—their brands.” He expects a 15 percent increase in sales in 2011.