So what did you think about Tucker’s revamped show, which debuted on MSNBC at 4pm yesterday?

Were you enamored by his glowing tan? His long locks of hair? The curiously lame backdrop? His assessment of Anderson Cooper (“You’re either Ed Murrow or you’re Pat O’Brien. Pick one.”)? His “Beat the Press” segment on Fox News Alerts? Quotes such as…

…”I had nothing to do with slavery”
…”It’s easy to make marijuana jokes about our viewers who are in fact stoned and decided to call in.”
…calling Alaska “basically foreign”

Or perhaps you enjoyed Tucker and senior producer Willie Geist discussing an Olson twin ticket in 2032?

We’ll have a more complete review when the first ratings are in. In the meantime, here’s what Chris Matthews had to say about it at the end of Tucker’s show:

    Your show has been fabulous tonight and I say that with total objectivity. I mean fabulous. I’ve been watching it in the makeup room. Great franchise. Every piece of it is interesting. It’s going to be like Lettterman’s “Top Ten.” They’re going to be looking into this every afternoon, every evening. You are a great lead in, my friend. Not since Oprah has anyone had such a good lead in.