Tucker Calls Interviewer a ‘Moron’ and a ‘Parasite’

The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson is often magnetically pulled to the oddest people in a crowd. Manchester is no exception.

Late last week, Infowars.com interviewed him about Libertarianism, Ron Paul and 9-11 being an inside job. Carlson, who thinks 9-11 conspiracy theories are ludicrous, engaged with male blogger types who looked like they could stand a few sprays of deodorant. They baited him by claiming the government caused 9-11. “I hate that 9-11 crap,” Carlson says, at one point giving his interviewer and his camera the hand. When the interviewer suggested that Tucker believes family members of the victims are “less than adults” for wanting information being withheld by the government, Tucker lashed out, saying, “I would say parasites like you make it much worse for them. …It’s filthy to say things like that with no evidence.” He then calls his interviewer a “moron” for continuing to bring up the topic. Somehow they ended on a friendly note. (Meanwhile, Daily Caller reporter Alex Pappas can be seen in the foreground, watching on and laughing.) View here.

Next Up: Capital, a New York-based website that writes about how things work in NYC except when they’re in New Hampshire, also trailed Carlson over the weekend for a block or two down Main Street and came up with a story that moved through a goofy assortment of topics: 1. Carlson hanging out with Hasidic men who were there to rally against anti-Zionism and Israel. 2. Carlson refusing to let the reporters tape him while interviewing him about Attorney Gen. Eric Holder. “Are you kidding?” he says initially in response to him declining to be taped. 3. They ask how The Daily Caller is doing and bring up Politico Keach Hagey’s recent story that mentioned “growing pains.” He replied, “It’s really good. I mean, if you can’t make a site work in the age of Obama, you should probably go do something else.”

Photo credit: Capital New York