Tribune Bankruptcy Can’t Stop Reporter From Covering Election

hiphop01.20.jpgWhen the Tribune Company filed for bankruptcy back in December and WPIX reporter Chris Glorioso learned his station couldn’t afford to send him to Washington D.C. to cover the Inauguration, he was disappointed. Then, like any resourceful journalist, he started thinking. His parents lived 30 miles from the city. He could hitch a ride with someone (turns out he jumped on board the Hip Hop Bus). He could get there. Yes, he could.

Long story short, the stars aligned, he told his bosses, WPIX gave him a Web page, and “Inauguration or Bust” was born.

I interrupted my bosses in an editorial meeting… and said ” I know you can’t pay for it, but I am going to cover the Inauguration.” My parents happen to live in the D.C. suburbs. I told them, “We don’t need a credit card to sleep on Mom’s couch.” Is this utter vacuum of professional decorum a little depressing? Yes. Will my photographer and I be living like college frat guys? Yes. Will Mama Glorioso be asked to make her trademark meatballs? Absolutely. But I’m not going to let the flat-lining economy block me from reporting history.

Glorioso has been reporting on his trip and will continue to do so throughout the day. For his creativity (and willingness to crash on a couch) we salute him.