Trend Watching Reports on the Ethics of ‘Place’


Trend Watching, honestly, put us on your payroll. Every start of the month comes along, we find that you’ve just put up a new Trend Briefing feature and we’re powerless against needing to post it. So let’s just make this a regular thing, huh? And throw some bucks at it? Because consistency has to be worth something, right? Anyway, this time around it’s their feature, “(Still) Made Here” and it looks into the emergence of a trend among consumers where they want to know where their products are coming from. Like Whole Foods shoppers wanting to know that the chickens they’re buying were raised on a pastoral, idyllic farm (minus the whole actual slaughtering part), people buying shirts and shoes and, heck, even back to food, more and more want to make sure their stuff is coming from someplace that makes them feel ethical. Per usual, it’s a great read, with lots of quick case studies to back everything up.