Top 10 Quotes of New York Fashion Week

exit NYFW.jpg
(Photo: UnBeige)

Because sometimes other people say it better than we ever could…

10. “If everyone standing in this line actually bought something from Vena Cava…they’d be much better off.” -Fedora-wearng gentleman standing behind us in the long, long line to get into the Vena Cava presentation in West Chelsea.

9. “The clothes are made for not-perfect people. But they’re pretty perfect.” –Isaac Mizrahi, on his fall collection

8. “What if Barbie had a party and nobody came?” -Showgoer, while transfixed by the giant, hot pink Barbie installation around which the action in the Bryant Park tents revolved

7. “Now I want those shoes even more.” -Our seatmate at the Herve Leger by Max Azria show, in which several models took a tumble on the perilously high snakeskin stilettos

6. “There’s strength in the shoulder, without us looking like we’re in Dynasty.” –Michael Kors, on the ’80s (but not too ’80s) silhouette of his fall collection

5. Showgoer A: “Is that a derby?”
Showgoer B: “I think it’s a bowler.”
Showgoer A: “Wait. What’s a trilby?”
-Mid-show conversation concerning the headwear at Monarchy

4. “So what’s Domenico Vacca?” -Our seatmate at the Domenico Vacca show.

3. “Well, I did that last season, but really, I can never get away from Bellmer. He’s always with me. Him and Louise Bourgeois.” –Victoria Bartlett, when we asked if the work of artist Hans Bellmer was an inspiration for her brilliant VPL by Victoria Bartlett fall collection, entitled “Exquisite Corpse” and featuring a dismembered doll on the show invitation

2. “This is the best design building in New York. It’s better than the D&D Building. They have everything here. Vladimir Kagan is here!”
-Estée Lauder president John Dempsey on the New York Design Center, site of the Tuleh show

1. “We’re trying to keep it beachy but not too homeless-looking.”
-Stylist Dennis Lanni, on the hair at Lacoste