Tom Kelly ‘Mayor of Capitol Hill’ Dies

DCRTV is reporting that Tom Kelly, a longtime D.C. journalist, died Thursday morning of a heart attack. He was 86. He was often called, “The Mayor of Capitol Hill.” He was the father of well-known journalist Michael Kelly, a WaPo columnist who was killed in Iraq in 2003.

Publications Tom Kelly wrote for:
Washington Daily News
Canada Today
The Nation
Nation’s Business

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From DCRTV: “Mayor Of Capitol Hill” Tom Kelly Dies – 6/18 – DCRTV hears that Tom Kelly (right), 86, died of a heart attack Thursday morning at George Washington Hospital. The Washington journalist was so rooted in the Nation’s Capital he was often called “The Mayor of Capitol Hill.” Kelly, whose career spanned five newspapers including the old Washington Daily News, made a name for himself as a feature writer, an investigative reporter, and a media critic, for which he won a number of awards and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize three times. Kelly also authored two books. A Gonzaga graduate, he began as a copyboy on the Washington Post in 1939 while still in high school. Kelly joined the Washington Daily News in 1954 and soon became its star reporter. In 1969, he became a freelancer, writing and editing the magazine Canada Today for many years, as well as pieces for the New York Times, People, Nation, Nation’s Business, and Washingtonian. Kelly later worked as a feature writer for the Washington Times. He is the father of famed journalist Michael Kelly, who was killed during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The funeral will be held at 10 AM Monday, June 21, at St. Joseph’s, 2nd and C streets NE, DC.