Tom Ford Makes the Move from Fashion to Film Directing


Elsewhere in the world of glitter and glam, here comes one of those stories we’re typically a little surprised to read. This must happen all the time out in LA, but because this writer is in Chicago and is a semi-professional director (emphasis on the “semi-“), it’s always bizarre to see someone just to decide to become a feature film director. But such is the case with fashion designer Tom Ford, who starts production on his first film, A Single Man, a period piece adaptation of Christopher Isherwood‘s novel, on Monday morning. We think Ford is great and all, and we recognize his many years as being a creative director for Gucci, but we’re not quite sure how you move from this world of fabrics and into visual storytelling. Well, yeah, other than the obvious, that he’s Tom Ford and he can do whatever he pleases at the snap of his fingers (today, film director! tomorrow, he would like to ride on the back of a real life unicorn!). Anxious to see how it all turns out.