Todd: No Elected Office For Me

Earlier today, Chuck Todd was online over at the Washington Times fielding questions from readers. He took questions on topics such as his newfound fame, his potential future as a politician, and coverage of the presidential campaign. Some excerpts:

Question: Hi Chuck – Big fan, of course. I’m curious how you feel about all of your fame of late! You’ve got people weighing in on your goatee, a whole fan site devoted to you and even get people calling you “Chucky T” on MSNBC. Are you getting used to being a star? Also, please tell Kristian I said hello. Cheers! by cbellantoni

Answer: Ha… thanks for the shout out to Kristian; I’ll pass along. It’s still a little humbling… If it ever isn’t humbling, hit me over the head please.

Question:Dear Mr. Todd, do you have any plans to run for office yourself in the future? by mstainer

Answer: For about a half hour one day in high school, I thought I could run for state Rep. in Miami and beat the incumbent. Then I passed something to my left and turned up the Steve Miller tune that for some reason was always playing in my car at the time. Seriously, the answer is no. I’m having too much fun doing what I do… don’t charge me with the responsibility of actually trying to figure out the problems of government.

Question:The media’s received a lot of criticism for its coverage of Barack Obama vs. John McCain. Do you feel that Obama’s received preferential treatment? As director of NBC’s political coverage, how do you ensure your company gives both candidates a fair shake? by Carrie_Sheffield

Answer: I can’t believe it’s taken 10 questions before I got this one! Seriously, it’s the thing I wake up and worry about most every single day. It’s not that I don’t have confidence in our ability to be fair. I do… but I want to inspire confidence in the viewers that what they are watching is fair. We can only cover the campaign in front of us and Obama has provided more opportunities for covering him in newsmaking settings than McCain; it’s as simple as that. I think the new guy in a presidential campaign always gets a tad more coverage simply because voters seem to want to know more. Look at our own NBC-WSJ poll just out last night… By a 2-1 margin, voters told us they focus more on the idea of a President Obama than a President McCain. That doesn’t mean, they are favoring McCain; it just means they are trying to figure out this Obama guy. They have an idea about what a McCain presidency is going to look like. They don’t yet on Obama; doesn’t that strike you as a call for more explanation of who this Obama is? I think McCain, on many fronts, is probably happy he isn’t getting the same intense scrutiny. Something the Obama campaign constantly complains about.